A very odd HVAC repair call

I’ve been in the heating plus a/c repair company for a long time, plus I have seen a lot of crazy things.

I have found creatures living inside of ductwork.

I have gone to a customer’s house plus found them to be a member of the nudist colony. That was a entirely fun a/c repair call. I have had a lot of entirely crazy situations over the past decade, however last weekend was something entirely funny, however a buyer called plus made a repair appointment, because she always aromaed something bad in the family room. The buyer promised that the aroma was not coming from the oven, plus she swore that the bad stench was coming from the floor duct. This locale had floor grates that led to underground ductwork. The ductwork led to the heating plus a/c equipment. Some homes have air vents that are located on or near the ceiling, however there are still some homes with air vents in the floors. I responded to the repair call, plus the first thing I did was shut down the heating and air conditioning. After that, I decided to remove the air vent plus search for the aroma. As soon as I removed the air vent, I right away found the source of the bad aroma. There was a huge pile of ketchup sitting in the bottom of the air duct. I showed the buyer the huge pile of ketchup, plus she was instantly angry. I cleaned up the ketchup plus offered her a small bill for the service. As soon as I walked out the door, I heard her start screaming plus yelling. Whoever put the ketchup in the ductwork was really going to gain quite a whooping.
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