Adding security measures to our home

Living in a small town is good, but it does let you get out of touch with reality.

My boyfriend Chris and I are living in a mainly a farming community, as well as there is little crime in the area. When I was a kid, my family and I never locked the doors to our homes or vehicles, my friends as well as I walked to tennis matches as well as beach house from school without fear, and unfortunately, things have switched a bit, as well as there’s now a need for beach house security measures. About more than 2 years ago, our beach house was attacked. We’d left the front door unlocked as well as no 1 was home, and the robbery happened during the heart of the day, but I am extremely grateful that neither our child or any of our pets were at the house at the time. The thief got away with several kindles, some ipds, CD players, a blu-ray player, a bunch of jewelry as well as some cash that was sitting on the table. More than the loss of our possessions, the people I was with and I were worried by the feeling of invasion. It was terrifying as well as unsettling. My first thought was to change the security of the home. Simply locking the front door was not good enough. I invested in a beach house security system that includes auto door locks, window sensors as well as an alarm system. When a family member arrives home, they simply punch in the keypad to receive entrance. If anyone messes up the alarm, the security supplier calls us as well as asks for the password. If we don’t answer, the police are dispatched to our residence.

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