Air Purifier Comes to the Rescue

I readily admit that I am the sort of person who can be awfully finicky about the things I like.

Generally, I want what I want.

In most cases, I have been able to achieve this. Of course, there are plenty of compromises to be made in life. But, I certainly am not going to deal with stuff that annoys me each and every day. I like the HVAC setting in my home to be very specific to my needs. Sweating in my home is not an option for me. We live in an area renowned for being super hot during the summer. Fortunately, we have a stellar HVAC system. The HVAC cooling in our home is wonderful. We invested in the latest heating and cooling technology. Then, we went about sealing our home so tight in order to keep the HVAC treated air inside our home. This plan has worked beautifully as our home is cool throughout the summer. And, the utility costs are not crushing our budget. However, there is definitely a bit of a drawback as well. The air in the house is recycled and stale. There just isn’t any fresh air in the house for at least a five month period when the heat gets up. I have tried to resolve the bad air situation with the common remedies. There isn’t an air freshener that I haven’t tried. They work for about 15 minutes. I can still detect the stale air, it just has a more flowery blast for a few minutes. This situation was really getting to me. I decided to call the air professionals at the HVAC company we use. They came out and installed a whole house air purifier in our HVAC air handler. No more foul air here!
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