Always follow your gut instincts

As of yesterday, my partner and I had a problem arise that is proving to be extremely annoying.

We had purchased our home for extremely below the market price due to the fact that it was in extremely bad shape and needed major repair. For the first five or six months of owning the home we spent our days fixing various things up and restoring old rooms to make the house begin to feel like a home. The one thing that was in surprisingly good shape at the time was the heating and cooling unit, or at least that’s what we thought. Fast forward to the present and we have found out the hard way that this heating and cooling unit breaking down and breaking down fast. After it began shutting on and off and making all sorts of strange sounds we decided to quit messing around with it and hire a real HVAC professional to take care of it. Upon further inspection from the HVAC repair tech we came to find out that the heating and cooling unit had loads of problems that needed to be fixed before it was too late. As he was fixing the until he also mentioned to me that if I hadn’t done anything to repair the unit within a few days the entire unit would have broken down for good. I am so glad that I ended up going with my gut instinct and bringing in the HVAC pros. You can guarantee that we will be deferring to them for all future problems with our unit.


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