Always test for electricity before working on a furnace or air conditioner

What is the most important thing an HVAC worker could do before working on any air conditioner or furnace? You might think that you need the right tools, right skill, and right parts to fix an air conditioner or furnace, and you are absolutely right.

However, there is a simpler step that must be taken anytime an HVAC technician has to fix an air conditioner or furnace.

Before working on any HVAC unit, you must always remember to turn the electricity off to whatever appliance you are working on. This is especially true for HVAC units that rely solely on electricity to function, but even houses that have gas-controlled furnaces and air conditioners should have the power turned off first. At the very least, your hand could be severely burned from the electrical shock, and at the very most, your heart could stop because you forgot to turn off the electricity. Never make the mistake of thinking that the breaker panel has everything marked correctly. If you turn off the breaker that is supposed to be for the furnace or air conditioner, always make sure to check it with a multimeter before taking the unit apart. They also sell testers that beep whenever it finds an electrical current near it. These are valuable resources for working on HVAC appliances. I had a friend who was an HVAC technician who was pretty confident around HVAC units and electricity. He claimed there was nothing scary about getting shocked until one day his heart stopped. I’m sure that if he were alive today, he would tell you to check the electricity before working on any HVAC units.

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