An invention idea

I love to come up with interesting ideas for inventions.

Some of the things I come up with are so crazy, that a real inventor would never even think of it! Would these things I come up with be useful to the world? Usually not at all…that is how crazy they are.

However, something I did come up with recently was possibly the first decent idea I had in ages! This idea may actually be of real use. And that is an alarm to go off on your central heating and air conditioning system when it is time for your air filter to be changed! I thought of this idea because I am always trying to remember to change my air filter. It’s always too late after the fact when I remember to change my air filter because my allergies end up flaring up! I hate it when that happens! So, this alarm that would go off when the air filter is dirty would be the perfect solution to not have to go through that! I know I am not the only one in the whole wide world that forgets to change the filter on their central heating and air conditioning system unit. I know one person that did not change their air filter for well over a year once. Thankfully for them, they did not have allergies! I could not imagine what that would have done for me. With the allergies I have, I probably would have been feeling really awful! Plus, I would have changed the air filter earlier.
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