Attempting to repair my furnace by replacing parts

I will start off by saying that I am definitely not qualified to try to repair anything in my home unless it is a computer.

I work as a technology director at a large corporation, and that enables me to be able to diagnose and fix all sorts of computer and networking problems.

Apparently, this kind of talent got to my head when my furnace stopped working last weekend. I knew that my furnace was outside of my league, but I figured that it couldn’t be much more different than the stuff that I worked on, so I began researching HVAC troubleshooting online. Once I felt idiotically confident, I began removing piece after piece of my furnace, looking for anything that I had just read on the manuals. I began replacing part after part, costing myself hundreds of dollars to fix my furnace. After quite a time, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to be able to fix my own furnace, and I called an HVAC technician. When the HVAC technician arrived, he could tell that I had messed with it. I explained what the original problem was, and I told the HVAC technician about every part that I had replaced. I could tell that he was grimacing when I talked, and I realized that I had spent a ton of money on my furnace. After I finished talking, the HVAC technician quietly replaced my thermostat, and the furnace kicked on instantly. I felt so ashamed. What would have been a $100 cost for the HVAC technician was a $600 cost because I was prideful. I have learned my lesson, and I will leave my furnace to the pros next time.

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