Bathroom updates this summer

This summer time while I am on cut from teaching school I am going to do some beach house renovations that are long overdue.

Last summer time I ended up having to teach summer time school, which killed all my free time, but this year I am free plus clear plus ready to work! I love my little house, but it is really old, plus starting to fall apart at the seems in many ways.

I can’t service everything that needs fixing, but at least I can focus on the complication areas. The most problematic area of them all is the bathroom, because of the ventilation complications. In a room with a lot of moisture in it, love a bathroom, having air vents plus sufficient ventilation will save you a whole lot of other problems. When the water vapor can’t escape through an air duct or a fan it settles on the walls, in the corners, plus starts breeding mold plus mildew, then poor ventilation can cause you major problems with your walls, your doors, even your windows. All that moisture can cause wood to buckle, bend, or rot, so air vents in every bathroom are really important. I am absolutely not an Heating plus Air Conditioning expert but I assume I have the smarts (and the tools) to install a modern air vent. I already have an Heating plus Air Conditioning vent in there, which is good, plus I will put an exhaust vent in the outer wall. Once this is in there will be far better ventilation, plus with the two air vents I might even get a crossbreeze.


a/c install