Being tuned in to your appliances is wise

Sometimes people think that I’m flakey and disinterested in them.

Truly, I tend to be 1 of those people who just kind of drifts off from reality at times.

There are times when people will be talking directly at me plus I just kind of zone out. If I were talking to me, I know I would really be put off by this behavior. However, it’s not personal… I mean, it is not meant to be rude plus I try to pull it in as much as possible. I believe I just start to super blank if I have no interest in a topic. I’m not all that way about everything for some reason. If I am working on our truck, for instance, I am completely engaged plus paying total attention to the truck. It’s just people plus their incessant yammering that causes me to drift away. I recently tuned in to the Heating plus A/C… and good thing I did because it saved me a bunch of money. I went walking past the Heating plus A/C outside our house, when I noticed just the slightest difference in sound coming straight from the Heating plus A/C compressor unit. When I investigated the issue, I also noticed there was a bit of a slight shake going on inside the machine, as well. This was startling enough that I went inside to check online for what on earth might be going on with our Heating plus A/C system. Immediately, I realized that any kind of shake going on with the Heating plus A/C system is not a positive thing. So, I flipped the breaker on the Heating plus A/C plus called the nearest Heating plus A/C professionals. The Heating plus A/C tech found a busted bearing in the fan. Had I not caught it, I know there could have been a good deal of destruction for the Heating plus A/C.


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