Big HVAC Change on Horizon With R 22 Ban

So 2020 is literally weeks away.

  • That number sort of hurts my brain a bit.

I just can’t believe that we are going into the third decade of the new millennium. It seems as though Y2K was just last week. That’s been 20 years ago now. However, there is no lack of drama in the coming dawn of the new decade. The presidential race should be a slobberknocker. I can’t even imagine how all that will turn out. However, there is a big HVAC concern to be dealt with in the coming weeks. On the first day of the new year, the HVAC refrigerant R 22 will no longer be manufactured in the United States. This will affect some businesses and homeowners out there. All commercial and residential HVAC models have been manufactured without R 22 for the last 7 years or more. However, there are still some remaining HVAC systems that still utilize this type of refrigerant. For those folks, there are some decisions to make. The ban will make the price for R 22 skyrocket. That’s if you are still able to find it. There will be those who will hoard this refrigerant hoping to cash in later. But really, sticking with an HVAC system that continues to use R 22 is a bit stupid. First, these heating and cooling units are quite old. They are also far less efficient than the modern HVAC models. Throw in the cost of having to get an R 22 recharge and it just makes more sense to simply replace the HVAC unit. I think if I was having to deal with this issue, I would just replace the old HVAC.



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