Boiler turned out to be a good thing

When I moved into my first house I was determined that everything needed to go.

I wanted to get all new rugs, windows and repaint everything in there.

After settling in, buying furniture and putting in long work days, certain things got left. One thing I am glad that I did not remove was the home boiler system. After moving in I thought the boiler was ugly. It was huge, dented and I wanted something more modern. I did not have enough money for a new fireplace or furnace though. So the boiler had to stay. Now that years have passed and I have relied on the boiler, I love it. The device can heat the entire house with no problem. A furnace or fireplace would not be able to handle a large two story home without a little help. I would have needed a supplemental heater. The boiler heats from top to bottom with no issue or even cold spots. What is amazing is that the boiler can be used for many more things besides home heating. The boiler can also be hooked up and be used as a water heater. Additionally, piping can be attached to the boiler and extended. Piping under the driveway can create a snow melt system. The piping can attach to a pool or hot tub for heating. What is also neat is that the piping can go under the home’s floors to create radiant flooring. I haven’t done any of these things yet, but I like that I have the option still. If the boiler ever dies, I will replace it with another one.

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