Bought too large of a Heating and A/C unit

My previous Heating and A/C method was large, old and inefficient, however no matter what I set the Heating and A/C to it would not achieve it on the thermostat… I blamed the old Heating and A/C and that our home was not airtight.

I decided to tackle both issues at the same time.

I got rid of the Heating and A/C and got a newer model that was virtually the same. I then had insulation added along the baseboards, the windows caulked and I redid the flooring, and after everything was done, I realized I made a mistake, but the home is slim and undoubtedly efficient for the Heating and A/C machine, however my Heating and A/C device is the same large size as the last one, but with an efficient home, the Heating and A/C does not need to be as large, having too large of Heating and A/C has caused me a boatload of problems. The Heating and A/C turns 100% on and then completely powers down in a few hours. It achieves our thermostat setting too quick and powers down. The Heating and A/C cycling on and off all day long is undoubtedly inefficient. My Heating and A/C bills are super high and I am worried about our machine. The powering up and down is strenuous on the device and can cause large parts to wear out. I am already anticipating hefty Heating and A/C repairs and a reduced lifespan with the Heating and A/C. It is our fault. I should have anticipated that a officially sealed beach house would no longer need a large Heating and A/C unit. I paid for a greater one and it is costing me more money every month to use. It also looks hideous in our home.

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