Can you add a heating system after the house is built?

Furnaces are a great feature of any home, but who doesn’t like having constant heat in their house? Furnaces are efficient, cheap, and pretty easy to maintain.

Though people give furnaces a bad name because they are loud and take the moisture in the air.

There are actually worse heating systems you could have! I used to have old baseboard furnaces in my home! Not only did it cost a lot of money to use, but it was regularly breaking. I spent a fortune replacing furnace after furnace. They were also not as safe or effective as new furnace! Finally, I decided to stop fighting with my old furnaces and to have a new furnace installed in my house. That was actually easier said than done. Thankfully, my house was easier to heat than most. I had an unfinished basement, so the HVAC company was able to put a new furnace down there next to the electrical panel. For the basement and the first floor of our house, we were able to use the higher ceilings to mount the ductwork that would transfer the heat from our furnace. However, the second floor was a big pain. Somehow, we had to get a big duct to our second floor and cut our giant holes in the ceiling. Rather than putting a big whole in our house, we decided to purchase a second furnace to put in the attic. That way, we only had to cut the vents out to heat our second story. If we ever have to purchase a new house, we will actually find one that already has a furnace.



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