Careful when moving air conditioning units

Yesterday when my brother called me late in the evening asking me to come help him set up something in his garage I was extremely curious and a bit worried about what he could be talking about. After making the drive over to his house and getting filled in on his game plan I was much less worried about what he wanted from me, but I still had doubts that I would be much help. My brother had been getting extremely frustrated with the fitness studio that he works out at because there is never any air conditioning running during the day. Apparently he decided to take matters into his own hands by making his own personal fitness studio in his garage. After helping him move around a variety of boxes and miscellaneous things, he asked me to help him move one of his old air conditioning units into place. I’m not a wimp, but I will be the first to say that i’m not the strongest guy in the world. I tried to tell my brother he might want someone else to help him move this but he wasn’t having any of it. Eventually we got around to moving the extremely heavy air conditioning, but disaster soon struck when I lost my grip and dropped the heap of metal on my toe. That was the end of the garage renovation for that evening. To be honest I was just happy that my brother was fine with covering the cost for my hospital bill in return for me helping him set up his personal fitness studio!

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