Coldest Room in the House Gets New Life with Ventilation Solution

I have never really considered the evolution of a junk room.

It just never occurred to me how a certain room in the house ends up being the junk room.

A junk room to is that room that stuff gets chucked into and never serves as an actual bedroom. In every home we lived in growing up, my mother had a junk room. Those rooms were packed with stuff that she just couldn’t bring herself to throw out. So, they of course needed to be in an HVAC treated room inside the house. However, I can’t criticize too much because I sort of have a junk room myself. This got me to wondering how this room ended up being the unused guest room. It starts with the simple fact that this room in our house is always at least 20 degrees colder than the rest of our home. The only time this is a benefit is when the HVAC is pumping during the worst of summer. The rest of the year, that room is just not a comfortable place to be. I had the HVAC guy in here because I thought that maybe the room just wasn’t properly ventilated. Unfortunately, the HVAC tech explained that when the former owners renovated the house, they didn’t do so with HVAC airflow in mind. This guest room just doesn’t get the right HVAC exposure as a result. However, I was able to find a solution. I put in some room to room ventilators in the walls. This pulls HVAC treated air into the room more readily. Perhaps with the better temperatures in that room, it might stop its slide into junk room.

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