Coming home from a hot and sweaty, ten-mile run to a broken air conditioner

Last Saturday morning, I decided to go for a long run for a good workout.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.

There was very little breeze, and as I ran, the temperature gradually heated up. I ran for ten miles and by the end of it, I was really looking forward to a bottle of water and my air conditioned house. I’d made sure to turn the thermostat down by a few degrees before l took off. I wanted to return home to especially refreshing conditions. I planned to enjoy a nice, leisurely stretch of my muscles while the air conditioner helped cool me down. The moment I stepped inside, I knew there was a problem. The house wasn’t extra cool, but actually felt a bit overheated. I checked the thermostat to make sure I’d set it properly. Despite my adjustments, the indoor temperature was steadily climbing and the air conditioner was failing to start up. There was no hint of cool air coming from the supply vents. I took a look at the air filter, but since I’d just recently placed it, everything looked fine. I decided that a repair was worth the extra charge for overtime services. I called up a local HVAC contractor, and he promised to be right over. I didn’t dare hop in the shower, because I expected the HVAC technician to show up at any minute. I waited, with sweat running down my face for over two hours. By the time the guy knocked on the door, I was downright aggravated but extremely thankful to see him. Fortunately, the problem was simply some dust buildup within the inner workings, and he was able to get the air conditioner running within an hour.

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