Consider Calling a Pro for HVAC Situations

Hey, I’m all for fixing anything I can around the house.

  • If I don’t have to pick up a phone to place some sort of service call, I’m pretty happy.

Many of my friends and colleagues rely solely on a network of service companies to negotiate their life in general. There are services to do the shopping, to watch the kids and to pick us up and drop us off. While I agree that my time is valuable, I think we can all get a bit weird with having someone else do everything. However, if something happens with my HVAC equipment, I don’t hesitate to pick up a phone and call a certified professional to fix it. I know my limitations and heating & air is one of them. To be clear, I do my part where the HVAC system is concerned. Air filters get changed every 30 days. Heating and cooling systems of any kind rely on having unimpeded air flowing through the system. A gross and clogged up air filter is a huge hindrance to HVAC health. I also am sure to do what I can to lessen the load on the heating and air system during peak usage. During the summer, I cover all our windows that receive direct sun. I have also incorporated a smart thermostat to help manage the temperature much more efficiently. However, beyond the basics, I leave any real maintenance or repair to the HVAC professionals. They are trained to understand these complex systems and know what they are looking for. There is no way I would jeopardize such a valuable component just to save a few bucks.

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