Dad Law Comes Down on HVAC Behaviors

I can almost feel it when the utility bill is on it’s way in the mail carrier’s bag.

That bill just punches me in the stomach everytime I see it during our summer.

There is a four month period where the utility costs are just astronomical. Actually, the bills have been climbing so steadily that I called the HVAC company to see if the kilowatt usage rate was due to the HVAC equipment. The HVAC tech came out and gave the heating and cooling system the once over. He assured me that high energy costs were not due to any flaw in the HVAC equipment. In fact, the HVAC unit is in great shape. The HVAC tech suggested I pay closer attention to how the HVAC system was being used. I am forever watching someone crank the thermostat down during peak heating hours. Or, someone will leave a sliding door half open. My response to all this has been fairly measured. However, I know that I am being totally ignored. So, I asked the HVAC tech to make an appointment to come back to install a smart thermostat. I will be implementing a new plan to keep the house at a significantly higher temperature during peak heating hours. The manual override code for the smart thermostat will be staying in my brain alone. I’m also getting solar curtains to reduce the direct sun heating. Since none of my family members ever listen during a family meeting, I sent an email. It simply stated the new HVAC behaviors our house will now be observing. Additionally, I let each of them know that I will review our household security tapes whenever I find a door or window open. The culprit will be charged $20 each time. Dad law imposed.


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