Daddy is getting fat

When my dad was younger and he worked every day, he was always tall and lean.

AFter mama died, he let himself go and he didn’t have the want to get out and do a lot of work.

Retirement hit him hard and he is now vegetating and acting like he is looking forward to death. My kids and I are not ready to five up on him and watch him die. He is living on meat and potatoes for three meals a day and he is becoming obese. I told him he was getting fat and he needed to go on a diet. He told me it was his life and I should get out. I brought the kids in to sit with him because he would never yell at them. While they were in there talking, I called my friend who is a licensed nutritionist. She came over to the house and made it look like she wanted to talk to me. She brought some information about nutrition and why he needed to keep his diet on track. It was interesting the way she was talking to me, but making sure my dad was listening. She made it sound like it was a new nutrition class she had just taken so she could work with the elderly. My dad huffed at that but he didn’t leave the room. That was a month ago and I”ve noticed my friend, the nutritionist, was going there regularly. Dad has lost about fifteen pounds and he is looking really good and doing more work outside than he has in months.



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