Do you ever feel like you just need to get out of the air-conditioned room?

This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t stand being in my house.

It wasn’t the people in the house or the things in the house.

It was the air conditioner in my house. Lately, my wife has been adjusting the thermostat to make our house colder and colder, and it has been bothering me. What need is there to make your house extremely cold with the help of the air conditioner. With the air conditioner, our house feels unnaturally cold. It feels like early spring in our house, but I know it is summer. The air conditioner feels so restricting like you can’t escape its cold grasp. I have never felt this way about my furnace. The more that you use your furnace, the warmer that you feel. The cold outside in the winter can injure you, but your furnace will always keep you warm. With the air conditioner running, I felt like I needed to go somewhere. I had to escape the thermostat with its extremely cool temperature! And I did. I went outside, where no air conditioner could be felt. It may have been hot outside that day, but it was a natural heat. It came with fresh air and humidity. When you use an air conditioner, you lose the fresh air and humidity. I am probably crazy. Everyone else that I know loves using the air conditioner, and they feel like they can’t get enough of it. But I can’t stand using my air conditioner! Every time that our air conditioner is turned on, I want to escape to somewhere warmer.

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