Don’t Lose Sight of the Outside HVAC During the Winter

Our biggest HVAC concern, in these parts, is being certain the furnace is maintained and ready to crank out the heat. Our winters are real tough with months and months of very cold temperatures. There is no way a family can get through that type of winter without a quality furnace. However, there is more to it than simply flipping on a switch or paying the gas bill every month. Being prepared for the winter is the only way to consistently survive the winter. So, every fall, I have the best HVAC people in town come out to thoroughly inspect and service our furnace. We spent some money on this last furnace so I want it to last. But more importantly, my aim is to be sure the furnace is given the best opportunity to operate at its best. Then, after the winter, I have the HVAC guy come back and give it the once over after a long winter of putting out heat constantly. There is another side to that HVAC equation. Even up here, it gets real hot in the summer so we have HVAC air conditioning. I treat that side of the HVAC system with care as well. Half of the air conditioning system sits outside throughout all the subfreezing temps, snow and ice. It needs attention as well to help it perform its best. As we go into winter each year, I cover the air conditioning cabinet outside with a hard plastic cover. This keeps snow and ice from laying on important parts. It also helps protect it from icicle spears which fall with a surprising amount of force.


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