Eclectic theme was a little much

My aunt Thelma was a wonderful in addition to strange woman.

Her cabin was honestly multiple rooms of lots of stuff, and addition to the fact that it was a wonderful place with tons of memories.

The people in addition to several of my friends wanted to have the place, though it was in need of serious work in addition to repairs. One thing that had to go was the inside style of the beach cabin. My aunt was uniquely set up with a style of her own. The interior designer told us this was the type of theme called desert eclectic. This type of desert eclectic theme is about velvet Prince, bold patterns, and bright Hues of red in addition to yellows. It was deplorable to me an addition to I wanted something else. The people I spend my day with an addition to others were disappointed about traveling to the place every time we had two. At that point, there was a decision made to ask this design firm to give us some help. Luckily, they were easily able to change that desert eclectic theme into something else. It was actually quite easy in addition to Affordable, because we made a few simple touches like reupholstering the couch in a lighter. We also got rid of those shag carpets in addition to put down some different flooring options. After getting rid of much of that desert eclectic style, the people I was with an addition to myself can finally settled down in addition to feel like we are in a modern addition to contemporary place of Our Own

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