Family in the HVAC business doesn’t help us.

My cousin had never made good decisions when he was younger, plus he seemed to have no ambition for the future, when he told us that he was going to trade school to be an HVAC worker, every single last one of us in our family were totally amazed! HVAC workers work very hard plus make good money on top of that, plus in addition to that very fact, every one of us were all hoping that he would stick to it as well as succeed. Many of us around here were also happy to get discounted HVAC work from him. HVAC workers charge a lot of money for their work generally, plus every last one of us were all hoping that he would work on our gas furnaces as well as our cooling systems for a discounted price. My oil furnace itself has been on the brink of malfunctioning lately, even though I couldn’t afford to hire an HVAC worker at this time, plus I didn’t know what I was going to do, but sadly, when I asked my cousin, he refused to help myself and others in our family with our oil furnace. He told myself and others in our family that if I wanted him to work on our oil furnace, I would have to hire him through the HVAC contractor for the normal price that they charge. He told myself and others in our family that he wouldn’t risk the warranty on our HVAC unit because of messing something up off the clock. I didn’t believe that he would follow the HVAC handbook so strictly, which was crazy in itself. Now, I have no way to fix our oil furnace, plus that is dumb to be honest. I guess the rest of our family is going to be disappointed too about all of this bad news.


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