Going to work for a new boss

For seventeen years I worked for the same man, and I like to think I was a good employee.

  • I was always on time, rarely missed work for any reason, and more than anything else I was loyal even when times were lean at the business.

After all that time I figured I was due for a big promotion and a pay raise. The boss was opening up a new shop, and I was first in the line to be the supervisor. Then it all came crashing down when he decided to hire a new person to run that shop, and so I quit. An HVAC technician with 17 years of on the job experience will never have a hard time finding work, I can tell you that. I visited a few other heating and cooling services in the city, some of whom I had worked with on big commercial jobs in the past. The A/C community is pretty big, but most of us know one another somehow, so it didn’t take long for word to spread that I needed a new job. Within a week I had three very respectable job offers from different HVAC contractors. It was right around this time that my old boss reached out to me, said the new hire didn’t work out, and asked me to run his new A/C shop for him. I told him I would think about it, and then I called back one of the other HVAC owners and accepted his offer instead. Hopefully this new boss appreciates loyalty!


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