Handyman and part time HVAC service worker at apartment building

I didn’t originally get hired as the handyman for a large apartment complex, but that’s what I ended up doing.

At the start, I was hired as part of the cleaning crew. I mopped and vacuumed the floors, cleaned windows, swept sidewalks and took out the endless bins of trash. When I came across anything that needed repair, I would do whatever I could to fix it. I discovered that I was pretty good at it! I began helping out a few of the tenants with home repairs. Before long, the management decided to hire a new cleaning guy to replace me. I was promoted to a full time handyman. One of the most challenging repairs for me to handle, however, is the Heating & A/C systems in the apartments. I am familiar with the basics of heating and cooling equipment. Just through on the job experience, I can handle minor repairs. I understand how the systems work but I haven’t gone to school and passed a certification test to work on HVAC units. Anything too complicated is above my ability. I have found that just knowing the basics of heating and cooling systems helps to take me a long way. Most tenants don’t even bother to change out, or least inspect, the air filters regularly. The majority of Heating & A/C concerns are caused by simple negligence. Keeping up with the basic service helps to prevent malfunction. When there is a big problem with any of the Heating & A/C equipment, I call in an expert to take care of it. However, now that I have started preventative maintenance on the HVAC systems every six months, the number of emergencies we encounter has been reduced dramatically.

HVAC tune-up