How to identify your kind of home wiring

You might be interested in how to outwit the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist while in your next routine service visit.

He will try to upsell you on some of the new advanced type of unit, such as a ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning unit that uses mini-cutting technology to efficiently heat up plus cool down rooms plus houses using only a small incision in the wall! Compared to the ducted units that have yards of ducted surface section for grime plus debris to collect on, these units are much cleaner plus far easier to maintain.

You can identify the type of wiring you are currently hooked up for our examining the rear side of your temperature control. You might notice purple plus black or black & white wire sets each going into unusual letter designation terminals, such as Y or W, this most likely means you are on a line voltage supply, meaning you could have multiple stages to the heating plus cooling unit. For example, if you have multiple numbers coming from your power terminals, such as W1, W2 plus so on, it is likely you are running multi-stage Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. If you see rainbow colored wires on the back of your temperature control unit, you might legitimately be running on a low voltage system. This means you already have a single stage but can still update to ductless if you so desire. If you are absolutely pondering, call up your local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider plus see if they can schedule a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to come out plus take a look at your equipment. Having done this, they can tell you what your energy efficiency if with regards to your heating plus cooling system.


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