HVAC Preventive Maintenance Should Never Be Skimped On

There is nothing I hate much worse than some retail person attempting to upsell me during business transactions.

It just gets so irritating and annoying to have someone constantly pushing me to fork over more of my money. This was going through my mind as I was having a brief phone conversation with the HVAC people. The HVAC office lady was confirming an upcoming maintenance service call. While she was doing it, she took the opportunity to once again get me to sign up for the HVAC maintenance plan. The plan includes the HVAC tech comes out in early spring and again in early fall to perform preventive maintenance on our HVAC. There are other incentives that include not being charged for a service call if the HVAC tech has to come out at any other time. It is all pretty logical stuff, I just think the yearly fee is a bit expensive. Granted, I don’t like spending the money I currently do on our HVAC. I have to admit that I have been fairly spotty about getting the HVAC system regular maintenance. I probably don’t even average a once a year preventive maintenance visit. However, I may need to rethink how I’ve been doing this. The HVAC is such an important appliance in our home. The entire family counts on it daily. Maybe it is worth allocating some additional funds through the year. I have read independent reports that regular HVAC maintenance extends the life and efficiency of any HVAC system. I’m going to sleep on it but, I think I’ll call the HVAC lady back tomorrow.

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