I am a professional video gamer, and I have to use my air conditioner year-round to help me

For me, video gaming is my life.

And I don’t say that flippantly like some people do who don’t have a plan for their future.

I play video games professionally in order to support my family completely. My wife doesn’t have to work, and my kid’s college is already completely paid for. I have been saving every penny that I have earned, and I try not to splurge on anything. However, one luxury that I have always depended on was air conditioning. I have to have my room at the perfect temperature in order to game. Honestly, sitting in a chair all day makes you very uncomfortable, and when the thermostat is fighting against you, you have no choice but to fight back. I like having the air conditioner turned very low. The feeling of the cold air on my body makes me jumpy, which helps make me a better gamer. In the winter, the furnace is set to a temperature that is definitely too hot for me, but I refuse to turn my thermostat down to make it colder. My family likes being warm. When I first started gaming professionally, I contacted an HVAC company to see what they could do to make my gaming area more comfortable for my work. The HVAC technician gave me two options. I could either install a zone-controlled thermostat that would allow me to heat different areas of my house individually, or I could install a ductless mini-split air conditioner that would be able to both heat and cool my room regardless of what the thermostat was on. I decided to purchase the ductless mini-split air conditioner, and I have been happy ever since!



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