I am happy with having temperature control capability in my new greenhouse

I got interested in horticulture quite late in life.

Since my retirement, gardening has turned it into a hobby. After retirement, I found myself with too much time to fill. I hate playing shuffleboard and bingo. I don’t like to travel or socialize with other seniors. At my husband’s suggestion,I tried my hand at gardening. I was terrible. All the plants turned brown and died. I thought about quitting, but decided to try again. I read up on the subject and bought some better equipment before starting over again. I had much better results. Five years later, I am now having a custom-designed greenhouse build. It includes climate control. If I want to grow orchids and other exotic species, I need a place where I can control the temperature and humidity levels. These types of plants have very particular moisture and temperature requirements. A sealed environment with an HVAC unit and humidifier allows me to combat the weather. I can grow throughout the seasons. I am able to breed my own plants and flowers to compete in local shows. The Heating & A/C system was an investment in my hobby. Even if it was expensive, I am having such fun with my horticulture projects. I am 100% pleased with my climate control system. When the Winter weather arrives, I won’t need to worry about sub zero temperatures killing my delicate plants. I’ll simply turn up the heat and maintain an ideal temperature. In the next year, I hope to put up a second greenhouse and include heating and cooling.

a/c rep