I am just starting to get used to this

I am only 20 years old, but I have heard stories about the hippies back in the 1960’s from a lot of people, then it is rather unusual the way a lot of them lived.

Some of them would literally live in the wilderness all the time.

I am not so sure I could ever be a hippie, a lot of reasons why I am sure of that… However, the greatest reason is that I can not live without heating or air conditioning! Living out in the wilderness, you have totally no access to heating or air conditioning! How about those days plus mornings when it is chilly cold? Or how about those super hot summers with heatwaves? Without air conditioning or heating while in those times, I would truly die! Now, I am sure the hippies ran around naked half the time in the Summer heatwaves. But still, imagine if they lived in a hot climate with no air conditioning! How on earth could they even survive it all! I once had a neighbor in high university that was trying to talk myself and others into becoming a hippie with him plus his friends. I told him he was crazy! When I brought up my thoughts about the heating plus the air conditioning, he undoubtedly started to suppose a little about it, then the heating & air conditioning thought I had undoubtedly made him decide that maybe it was not such a superb system to try to live love the hippies did back then, and good for him! Because I would have hated to see him plus his pals kill themselves by accident!


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