I asked the HVAC worker to replace the furnace and add more vents

I really wish I wouldn’t have purchased this old brick house in the middle of town.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a beautiful house, and it definitely has its advantages. However, whenever it comes time to try to modernize the house, you begin to run into troubles that a newer house wouldn’t have. My brick house is built into three parts. It has one original house and two additions. The original house has the vents for heating with a furnace, and the two additions have wall-mounted gas heaters for heat. Now that I am living here, I would like to have a newer furnace installed that could connect the entire house to the same heating system, lowering the cost of my heat. However, when I spoke to an HVAC worker, he made it seem doubtful that I would be able to get this project going. The HVAC worker explained that it wasn’t money that would be a problem, but it would be a struggle getting anybody under the house to install new vents for the furnace. Apparently, nobody in the HVAC company could fit into the entrance of our crawl space. They searched and searched for an opening, and so did I. I really wanted a new furnace for the entire house. One morning, while in the basement, I noticed that one of the vents going under the house was partially disconnected under the house. As I tugged on it, it came apart, and I realized that the old HVAC workers had left the vent like this to get under the house. The new HVAC company installed the new vents into the house, and I also received my new furnace!

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