I decided to volunteer at the SPCA only to discover the HVAC was on the fritz

Recently, I decided to volunteer at the SPCA.

I thought it would be great to do something good for the community and since I have a love for animals, I thought it would be good for me as well.

I certainly do enjoy working with the animals, but I must say that the HVAC system at the SPCA is not all that great. I have asked them about adjusting the temperature control settings only to discover that the HVAC system was basically on the fritz. It doesn’t matter how much you adjust the temperature control, it will be overheated in the building in the summer, and it will be relatively chilly in the winter months. I felt really bad for the animals and the place was packed. We were very strict about taking in too many animals because we really couldn’t handle so many without people adopting the pets. The worst thing of all would be to have to put some of the sickly animals down, or even healthy animals that had no chance of being adopted. I have actually adopted a few pets already because I didn’t want to see them be put down. Now they are able to enjoy a proper living environment with good climate control at my house. I would take more home if I could, but I can’t take care of that many animals on my own! I have been putting up posts online to get people interested in adopting some of our animals, and happily it has caught people’s attention. I guess I’m doing pretty good at this volunteer work!

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