I need a new air conditioner for my home

My house is in dire need of a new air conditioner.

When I first moved into our lovely southern home, our central air conditioner worked like a charm.

I had nothing to complain about our central air conditioner. However, that was twenty years ago, and our central air conditioner has continued to get older and less efficient. I understand that all HVAC units will eventually stop working, and I wasn’t surprised when ours started working less efficiently. However, this is an opportunity to upgrade the air conditioners in our home. I want to change from central air conditioning to something a bit different. The problem with central air conditioning is that it cools your entire house, regardless if you plan on using that area of your house or not. Central air conditioning also relies on vents and ducts in your house, which means that if you have cold spots during the winter, then you will have warm spots during the summer. I want to install a new type of HVAC unit called a ductless mini-split air conditioner. This air conditioning unit is installed in every room in your house that you want air conditioning in, and the installation process is easy! It is controlled by a remote, and you are able to adjust the temperatures in different rooms to meet your needs. The ductless mini-split air conditioner also has a heating function that allows you to use it as a space heating during the winter, and it can also be used as a fan during the more temperate months. I need to call an HVAC company right away.

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