I tried fixing my furnace, and now, I need a new one.

When my furnace broke down last week, I was feeling pretty confident about myself. One of my friends recently had their furnace break down, and they told me that they called an HVAC technician and asked them to come to fix their furnace. When they found out how much it would cost to fix their furnace, my friend decided that he would probably be able to do the job by himself for a much cheaper price. He began to do his research online, and he was convinced that the problem was simple enough to fix. He took his furnace apart and found the broken component. After replacing the part and putting his furnace back together, everything worked fine. After hearing this, I decided that I would try to fix my own furnace I took the furnace apart, and I didn’t discover anything that looked obviously broken. After researching a bit online about the symptoms, I was confused. There were so many things that could be broken with my furnace, and I had no idea where to start! I decided to try one of the repairs myself, and I planned to try one after the other until my furnace worked again. Unfortunately, which taking something apart, I broke a part of the furnace that was beyond my understanding. I called the HVAC technician, and he told me that I had broken a major part of the furnace. Now, I would have to purchase an entirely new furnace for my home. I guess I will probably have to call HVAC technicians from now on. My wife definitely doesn’t trust me!