I wanted better control over the indoor climate at the gym

I ended up quitting the last gym I attended.

I am exceptionally picky when it comes to the temperature while I’m working out.

I need to have the temperature very cool. This ended up getting me into trouble at my gym. This gym was just perfect at first. I was happy with the availability of the equipment and cleanliness of the place. Then, they started raising both the cost and the temperature. I believe they were hoping to save on overhead by using less air conditioning. The conditions in the gym felt overheated and uncomfortable to me. I complained to management. I refused to be physically uncomfortable while working out. The gym is equipped with a commercial Heating & A/C system for a reason. There are always concerns with air quality and humidity at all times. The sauna is one thing, but the workout areas should be properly ventilated and kept nice and cool. This prevents the members from overheating as they exercise. The management told me they had determined the proper settings for the thermostat and they couldn’t alter them because of one member. I took exception to that. I feel strongly that the clients should be in charge of the thermostat setting. We are paying dues and the cost has steadily gone up. We should have a definite say about the temperature, air quality and air conditioning. They did not agree with me. They caught me lowering the thermostat one day, and the resulting argument got ugly. I am now in search of a new gym. I’m looking for a place where they aren’t sacrificing the air conditioner to save money.


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