I was driving a new car and couldn’t figure out how to use the thermostat

Most people would love getting a chance to drive a newer car.

I drive an old piece of junk, and I don’t get to drive a new car often.

I am thankful for my car though. It has a working heating system and air conditioner, and it gets me to where I need to go. I haven’t even needed to hire a mechanic to fix anything. However, when my mom came to visit, she asked me to pick something up from the store, and she told me that I could take her car to get it. It was cold outside, and I knew that the car had heated seats, among many other things. When I got into the car, I discovered that the thermostat was a digital one. I set the temperature in the car, and it was supposed to automatically heat or cool the car depending on what temperature it was. It seemed that for the longest time, the heating system wouldn’t come on. In fact, I couldn’t get the heating system to turn on until the return trip. Thankfully, I found the heated seats, but even that was difficult. Rather than being near all the other HVAC buttons, it was on the screen that controls the radio. For the entire trip, I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the fan on the HVAC unit. It wasn’t anywhere near the thermostat, and I only managed to turn on the radio and adjust the volume. I couldn’t even figure out how to adjust where the heat blow from the heating system. Honestly, I wished that I had taken my own car instead.
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