I was searching for good deals on commercial office space

Commercial office space can be so difficult to find, especially when you are on a narrow budget.

A lot of different things are important when searching around for the best commercial office space.

If the size is really important to you, then you will unquestionably want to find a pressing industrial space or maybe a pressing commercial office building. In upstate NY, commercial office spaces are high-priced & difficult to find. My little sister & I started a karate studio last year, & the two of us desperately needed to find a commercial space pressing enough for the dojo & and offices. The two of us hunted all over Batavia, NY, however the two of us did not find several places that suited most of our needs. My sister & I were starting to become discouraged, when the two of us located a commercial space in Northland. My sister & I did not want to set up a studio in North end, however the property was in a really high traffic area. The two of us would get a lot of free advertising & foot traffic. My sister & I decided to set up our karate studio in North end, & things have been really good. So far, the two of us have enough students to hold the classes four afternoons each week. Saturdays are really the busiest, & the two of us teach 4 classes on that day. The two of us get new students each week, & most of them are referrals. My sibling in law helps us with the bookkeeping, & she is a whiz at the laptop & advertising. My sister & I still have other jobs, even though I suppose we’ll both be able to quit after Christmas. The karate studio was constantly a big dream of ours, & it’s awesome to see our dream come true.

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