Inspecting old dirty ductwork

Some people think that I was lucky to be able to retire so early with such a nice nest egg.

In truth, luck had nothing at all to do with it.

The facts are that I started worked full time at at 17, right out of high school. I worked my butt off for 30 years, all the while clocking as much overtime and extra work as I could, all the while saving my money wisely. At age 47, still in the prime of my life, I got to retire, and I tell you all those years of work were worth it! Now I focus on home restoration, mostly dealing with ventilation and ductwork. I never went to school to study air conditioning systems, and my knowledge of furnaces is pretty good, but when it comes to air ducts, vents, and grates I really know my stuff. I spend a few hours a week working on air ducts with a friend of mine as he buys and flips old houses. Most of the time these places are in bad shape, so he has me fully inspect the heating and cooling system, mostly the ductwork, before he buys a place. Once he buys it, I will be able to either deep clean the ductwork, or simply start stripping it out to be replaced. I don’t install new air ducts, that sounds like too much heavy lifting, but I am happy to work for free as an advisor of sorts. I know a lot about ventilation, and it gets me out of the house!


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