Keeping the zoo clean and air conditioned

I love my life and I love my animals.

This family is 1 that is fully loving and compassionate with all sorts of furry critters.

Often, the lot of us even take in strays who need a current home. Some of them have gone on and stayed with us while others both of us have found other forever homes. So, our beach house is pretty full of all sorts of fur. Luckily for me, both of us live way out of neighborhood on a nice piece of land where we have privacy. Amazingly, the animals stay pretty close all the time. Most of them sleep in the garage of the house at night. This various dogs plus cats means that fur can be a problem for our home. I found out real quick that this much fur can have a sincerely negative effect on the Heating plus A/C. Before this, I didn’t generally spend our hard-earned money all that much attention to the Heating plus A/C unit. I simply opened the mail, paid the bill, set the thermostat plus had the local Heating plus A/C tech out for preventive maintenance. Oh, plus I sometimes changed the air filters. Well, that haphazard approach to the Heating plus A/C air filters needed to be improved real fast. I nearly choked out the Heating plus A/C because of all the floating fur. Once the critters entirely started to accumulate, I definitely didn’t realize how much fur was collecting each day on the air filters. That is until I heard the Heating plus A/C system making scary sounds that didn’t sound all that good. Before finally calling the Heating plus A/C people, I checked the air filter. It was disgusting plus utterly clogged with pet fur. Now, I buy Heating plus A/C air filters for my home by the case. I am now doing it about once every 4 afternoons!


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