Lack of house cleaning and filter changes causes air conditioner issues

I am not the most conscientious when it comes to keeping house.

I live all alone. Since it’s all my own mess, I can live in it. That’s all just fine, but my laziness caught up with me not long ago. The house developed a musty smell. I had gone to visit my folks for a long weekend. The house was closed up tight. I came home to the smell, and it was very unpleasant. I realized I needed to be better about cleaning up the house. Being sloppy was turning into a health concern. Indoor air quality is directly linked to a whole bunch of serious health problems. I decided I needed to get some natural ventilation going and opened up all the windows. I then started up the air conditioner with just the fan running. I hoped that operating the A/C with the windows open would maximize the air flow, but it only made the situation worse. I figured out that I had failed to replace the air filter in the air conditioner for the last few months. The filter was just was about clogged solid with dirt and grime. As I was changing the air filter I noticed a lot of dust built up on the grates of the vents. The ductwork was filthy. This was partially my fault and a result of my slovenly lifestyle. It was also caused by never changing out the air filter. Once I got the filter replaced, I cranked the A/C up and started the air circulating. I then got busy scrubbing my house. I managed to get everything smelling a lot better. I plan to be more dedicated to taking proper care of the air conditioner from now on.

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