Loving life in a new climate

Plus, I put a sunroom on the side of the house

So, I’m quite sure I just saw the last of our 65 straight winters come to a merciful end. No, thankfully I’m not dying. But, I have finally pulled the plug on living in brutal cold plus limited sunshine. That is over. Both of us have been able to retire from our jobs plus are leaving the house both of us owned for 50 years for a smaller version down south. There are some mixed emotions about packing up and leaving. I appreciate the people here plus hate the entire proposal of leaving them. However, I am also ecstatic that I won’t really have to worry whether or not the Heating plus A/C furnace will make it through another winter. Plus, heating the beach house has become so costly these days that both of us are absolutely going to save money in the current house on lower utilities. The square footage is much smaller so there certainly will be less to heat plus cool. Of course, the section of the country where both of us are headed doesn’t worry so much about the heating issues. The winters are incredibly mild. But, the summers are sincerely scorchers. But, anyways, it will be far less than the energy costs both of us shelled out for 6 months of winter. This savings has allowed me a dream purchase. Plus, I put a sunroom on the side of the house. I can hardly believe that every day I will be able to sit, sip tea plus like the sun plus nature. Without sun, the winter cold would simply make it impossible to enjoy. Sunshine for days, here I come.


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