Make Sure HVAC Maintenance is on the To Do List

The older I become, the more lists I make.

  • And, I really must rely on them to have any chance of remembering the various chores and tasks for the week.

I can remember giving my father a really hard time about his lists. He used to keep this small piece of paper in his breast pocket along with his toothpicks. That little scrap of paper got referenced a dozen times a day. Now, I find myself with my own version of my Dad’s To Do List. Had it not been for my list, I would have forgotten the HVAC maintenance that was due this week. I signed up for the automatic maintenance program but, I have to confirm the appointment. That nearly didn’t happen. Really, I don’t actually pay much attention to the heating and cooling system in our home. I simply pay the bill and set the thermostat. The professionals do the rest. However, those HVAC professionals can’t do their job if I don’t do my part. The heating and cooling techs need access to the inside of the house so, I need to be sure I’m here for that. Thank God the upcoming appointment was on my list. The HVAC folks come out to the house once in the spring and once during the fall. Our winter here is pretty tough so our furnace needs to be in top operating form for us to remain cozy warm. When spring rolls around, it’s good to know that the HVAC guys will have the air conditioning components ready to combat the summertime heat. And that is the appointment that is coming up. Sure wouldn’t want the A/C to crash because it wasn’t on the list.


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