Moving into a up-to-date lake house with a busted cooling system

I recently moved from way up north to way down south for the sake of a task promotion. I had very little time to pack up our belongings, make the twenty hour drive and get settled. There was no occasion to have our car maintained before I left. I made the very long drive without a working cooling system! Rolling down the windows helped very little, but by the time I arrived at our up-to-date apartment, I was saturated with sweat and suffering a exhausting headache. Although I’d chosen the lake house by looking at photographs online, I was hoping for good accommodations. I decided against starting up the cooling method until I’d hauled all of our stuff inside. I knew I’d be opening and closing the door a bunch of times, which would waste a ton of energy. Since I’d had to put down a very big security deposit, our funds were a bit tight. I expected our daily electric bills would be rather high because of the heat, humidity and need to operate the cooling system for the majority of the year. Once all of our possessions were moved into the apartment, I turned the control equipment down and left to go get something to eat. I was looking forward to returning to a nice and cool apartment. Instead, I came back to an severely tepid and sticky indoor space. At first, I thought maybe I’d done something wrong. Assuming I’d set the equipment to heating mode, I evaluated all of the controls. I then evaluated the air filter, which was slightly plugged with dust, when none of our efforts worked, I finally called the property owner and complained. He promised to send an HVAC professional to maintenance the cooling system the following morning. That meant I spent a very uncomfortable and sleepless evening in our up-to-date apartment.

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