My attempt to find reliable and affordable HVAC companies in town

I recently moved into town because I received a better position within the company that I work for. Though it required me to move towns, it paid a lot better, and I wanted a change of scenery anyways. When I purchased this house, I was told that the furnace would need to be replaced, and I received a significant discount because of it. It was the beginning of summer, and I had a lot of time to purchase a new furnace before I would need it. However, the search for my new furnace turned out to be more complicated than I expected. I did a lot of research online trying to find HVAC companies in my area. Though there were a lot of HVAC companies in my area, it seemed that many of them had terrible reviews. Of the few that I did find, I called them to see how much they would estimate for the installation of a new furnace in my home. Their prices were so outrageous that I would have hated to see the prices of the HVAC companies with poor reviews. I was completely flabbergasted! How could all of these HVAC companies be terrible? If just one decent HVAC company came into our town, it would thrive because of the lack of HVAC competition. Eventually, I had to hire an HVAC company that was in a different city to drive here and install my furnace. Even though I had to pay for their travel time, it was still cheaper than paying an HVAC company in our town. I really hope we get a good HVAC company in our area soon!
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