My cousin the HVAC guy is too cautious

I was so excited when I found out that my cousin was going to be an HVAC workman.

He had been very shady to say the least when he was young and we never thought he would ever have an honest living when he got older. The heating & A/C business would be good for him to make him work hard & make good money, and all of us were all hoping that he would stick to it & succeed, however some of us in my entire family were also excited to get discounted Heating & A/C work done for us because of this. Heating & A/C business charge a lot of money for their HVAC work, & every last one of us were all hoping that he would work on our furnaces, heaters & air conditioners for a discounted price. My furnace has been on the brink of malfunctioning lately, but I couldn’t afford to hire a local Heating & A/C business, & I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do… Sadly, when I asked him, he refused to help me with my furnace. He told me that if I wanted him to work on my furnace, I would have to hire him through the Heating & A/C business for the normal price. My cousin told me that he wouldn’t risk the warranty on my Heating & A/C equipment because of messing something up. I didn’t think that my cousin would follow the Heating & A/C handbook so strictly; Now, I have no way to service my furnace, & that is dumb. I think the rest of my family is going to be disappointed too about all of this.

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