My friend raises snakes and has to keep the temperature just right

I never understood why people like raising strange animals.

Some animals just aren’t meant to be kept by humans.

I don’t mind if someone has a cat or a dog, or even a hamster. I also understand that cattle and other farm animals are essential for food in our society. But why do people have to own weird animals like snakes? My friend was trying to explain to me how to use HVAC units for snakes. Snakes apparently are relatively easy to care for when it comes to heat and humidity. Snakes a notorious for loving the thermostat to be set at a warm temperature. Heating systems will be required for your snakes, and an incubator will be important for the younger snakes. A dehumidifier would also be a wise purchase for your snakes since they are used to desert climates usually, but some snakes actually like humidity. You may be wondering how to keep your snakes warm but your house cool. You don’t have to worry about not using your air conditioner as long as you keep your snake room on a separate zone from the rest. You have a few HVAC options for this. You could keep your snakes in a garage with a furnace, separate from your home with the air conditioner. You could close the vents in the snake room and use some cheap heating systems. Finally, you could also install a zone-controlled thermostat, which would allow you to use both heat and air conditioning in the same house. I don’t have to worry about my HVAC units though, because I will never own snakes.
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