My grandpa says that he doesn’t trust furnaces and air conditioners

As times pass and things begin to change throughout generations, my grandfather remains constant.

Things have certainly changed since he was a kid, but he refuses to change.

One area in which he refuses to change is the HVAC units that he uses for his house. In my house, I have an air conditioner running all summer to keep me cool despite the warmer temperatures. However, he has never purchased or used an air conditioner in his life, and the only time he experiences air conditioning is when he is in public. Instead of owning a furnace or other modern style of heating system, he prefers to use the good, old-fashioned wood stove for his heat. He may be older, but he still chops down all of the wood for his heater, and he looks younger than ever. One day, I asked my grandpa why he refused to use an air conditioner or a furnace. He told me that he doesn’t trust modern HVAC units. He claims that air conditioners and furnaces cost too much to purchase, install, and repair in order to use them. He also said that if the power ever went out at his house and he had a normal HVAC unit, he would have no way to heat or cool his house. Even though I told him that modern HVAC units are safer, he claimed that people experience fires with electrical and gas furnaces too. The more that he talked about it, the more that his distrust in HVAC units made sense. However, I don’t plan on throwing my furnace or air conditioner away anytime soon.


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