New Housing Arrangement Made Better with HVAC Technology

I just entered a very new and interesting agreement not too long ago.

Five of my friends and I just went in together to buy a home.

This was the result of the new economic paradigm we are experiencing. Home ownership is getting far more complicated and expensive to get into safely. Plus, there is just the simple fact that a down payment on a house is not something easily arranged alone. I don’t have rich relatives so, I needed to find another way to experience my very own HVAC treated, comfortable and spacious home. Hence, my friends and I just bought a big, old house. The price was very reasonable give the location and the sheer size of the place. However, it is a much older home that required some significant renovating. Renovation was part of the plan anyway since we are dividing the house into 3 separate living areas. How to heat and cool this big space was a big question. We knew that the central heating and cooling system in place would not get it done. Not only is it antiquated but operation costs would be prohibitive. So, we started doing our research by bringing in an HVAC contractor. Once we explained our plans for the house, he was able to provide an innovative HVAC suggestion. He thought installing ductless HVAC would be the best way to go. The ductwork was simply not usable so, that would spare us the expense of replacing that. Additionally, we would each be able to have our own thermostat. The utility bills could then be more equitably divided each month. We are thrilled with ductless HVAC.


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