Old-fashioned tip Saves You Money

I also have blackout curtains on our windows for the summer.

Do you by chance remember your Grandma’s house, or maybe your old uncle so-and-so’s house? Remember how they had those cute beanie baby-looking cats or dogs with long, outstretched paws, resting down at the bottom of the doorways covering the gap in the doors? Or they were resting on the window sill at the bottom of the window? Hardly anyone has those draft busters anymore! They are old fashioned for sure, however they honestly can help with the costs of running your heating and cooling system. If your heating system or cooling system has to constantly be taxed by heating and cooling air that continues to come in through the cracks and crevices around windows and doors, that heating system or cooling system has to run a lot more frequently. The more regularly your cooling system engages, the higher your utility bill goes up. In fact, anything at all that you can do to improve your heating and cooling system to let it spend more down time off, the better off you will be. To give an example, I do not use the oven in the summer. The additional heat of the oven, combined with the natural heat outside, is too much for our old cooling system to deal with. If I put the oven on, I bet our cooling system would never shut off, and as a result, I use the microwave. I also have blackout curtains on our windows for the summer. When I close our drapes, the sun is completely blocked out. It’s like a smart-cave, with air conditioner that doesn’t have to fight the rays of the sun streaming in the windows. In the winter, meanwhile, I open those drapes and let the heat of the sun help our heater.

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