Our camp has an outdoor air conditioner

I used to attend camp as a kid.

It was a summer church camp, filled with games, preaching, and your typical food choices at a camp.

I always enjoyed going to the camp as a kid, and I was kind of sad when I realized that I was becoming too old for camp. Rather than giving up the camp life, I started going to the adult functions at the camp, and I enjoyed every second of it. When I was a kid, the camp had no air conditioners of any kind. That didn’t mean that we didn’t need air conditioners. The rooms that we were staying in got to 90 degrees during the day, but there were no air conditioners to ever cool us off. Later, they finally installed air conditioners int he girl’s dorms, but the guys still had no air conditioners to keep them cool. The worst place for bad heat was the huge facility that we used to listen to the sermons at. During the day, the pavilion would become roasting hot, but there was no air conditioner to cool anybody off. About halfway through the service, everyone would be sweating and would be uncomfortable. They needed an air conditioner really badly. This is why I was shocked to see that the camp I attend finally purchased an outdoor air conditioner. They partially closed in the area, and the air conditioner can keep the room absolutely cold! Now, you have to work hard not to shiver while attending the services! I am glad that they purchased an air conditioner though.

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